West Cliff House Owners' Association

Thursday, 23rd January 2020

Public Access, Parking & Speed Restrictions

The whole of the West Cliff Estate is private property, but there is also some limited access to the general public.

West Cliff Road from the Esplanade, West Walk up to the junction with Brit View Road and Brit View Road itself originally formed a bridleway. These roads are therefore available for the general public to pass through on foot. Vehicular access is limited to residents and those on an agreed West Cliff Estate visit. The general public have no right of way through First, Second, Third or Fourth Cliff Walk, Meadway, nor through the top of West Walk from its junction with Brit View Road.

From the above definition it is clear that vehicle parking on the estate is restricted to residents and their visitors. The grass verges on the estate are easily damaged by vehicle parking and should be avoided where possible. Non resident parking does sometimes occur, mainly due to West Bay's beach visitors attempting to avoid paying for parking in the official car parks. This unsocial parking needs to be discouraged as these perpetrators are avoiding their contribution to the overall economy of West Bay tourism.

There is no speed restriction on the estate because the majority of residents and service vehicle drivers act in a responsible manner and drive at cautionary speeds. There are a number of families on the estate with young children, so drivers need to be prepared for the unexpected and drive accordingly. Please also note that driving etiquette requires that vehicles proceeding downhill should give way to vehicles coming uphill.

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