West Cliff House Owners' Association

Thursday, 23rd January 2020

Projects and Maintenance

Current and Future Projects

Resurfacing and Road Markings

Completed Projects

General road repairs and remarkings.
Clearance of drains and gullies.

Road foundation repairs to Third Cliff Walk.
Grass verge parking restriction rocks along West Cliff Road.

Road resurfacing on Meadway.

Annual clean of drains and gullies.
New kerbing on parts of the lower estate.
Superfast (fibre) broadband arrives on the estate.
Tarmac repairs to Cliff Walks to avoid further deterioration.

Road resurfacing on upper West Walk from Brit View Road.
Road repairs on West Cliff Road, Cliff Walks and Meadway.
New community bench seat at junction of West Cliff Road and Meadway.
Western Power replaced various cable supporting poles on the lower estate.
Western Power buried cables up Third Cliff Walk & across West Cliff Road to Avalon.

New signage at Forty Foot Way entrance to estate.
Kerbing moved and replaced at junction of West Cliff Road and First Cliff Walk.

Road resurfacing on West Cliff Road from Meadway to West Walk.
Wessex Water became responsible for the estate's foul sewerage system.

Main gas pipe replaced along Meadway by Transco.

Gullies emptied.

Repairs to pavement potholes along Brit View Road.
Purchase of roads and verges for Brit View Road & (upper) West Walk from T A Fisher.

Mirror erected at junction of Hill Rise and West Cliff Road.
'SLOW' sign painted on road at entrance to estate, to discourage speeding.

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